Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brandeis Magazine!

Recently I got the opportunity to do a really fun full page for Brandeis Magazine! Check it:

Had to put a snarling beast in there somewhere! This time around I had a lot of process work, too. Here's how it goes:

 The two things that didn't change from the beginning from here on was the dragon and the figure. Streamers were removed, although a great party element. Maybe TOO much party.

 Things are moving along neater now. Pose changes, more elements have been brought in. Now its really starting to look like the final!

Then some quick color studies are done, and the dragon's neck and the circular window is changed. All the elements are starting to make much more sense now, and I then redraw the piece for the final.

Finally, ta da! The illustration is finished and the piece's colors were reproduced wonderfully.

See y'all next time!