Sunday, July 13, 2014





The show I've had the privilege to do design on (for almost a year!) just premiered this weekend on Sprout and Syfy! It's....


For the very first time... I saw my name on tv!


And one of the very first episodes that premiered (Titled Building the Perfect Present) was one of the first episodes I got to do a bunch of props and a background for! Mostly sparkles, rainbows, balloons and ducks... aka the most fun thing to draw ever! (and you can watch it too, link below!)

Watch the episode!

It was also exciting to see the Sprout network itself treat the week leading up (and the day of!) the premiere with red carpet treatment, live show and all! It was so fun to watch and I'm floored i got to work with such a talented bunch of artists, writers, storyboarders, sound designers, voice actors, and every other creative person on the team!

The studio I work for, Soup2Nuts, also got 1000% into the spirit by throwing our own launch party, where we had a snack contest!

(i won a Soup2Nuts hat for the smoothie cups I made, best day EVER)

The best part was, without a doubt, hearing the kids' reactions to the show. Makes me emotional thinking about when i used to eagerly wait for my old favorite show Blue's Clues to come on. Seeing kids be excited and happy is the best pay off ever.

But now that the anticipation is through, its back to work and back to procrastinated projects for me, like this Sailor Moon piece I need to finish by the end of this month, eek!
(just a sneak preview for now!)

So that's it for July for now, see you next time!