Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dig that Hole, Build a Wall

This piece i hold responsible to my pals Alyssa and Barnes, for gifting me the game "Bastion" in the first place!

SO, a little back story without spoiling the game for you, Bastion is a game where you bop little monsters on your floating homeland in the sky, where some "calamity" has just occurred and wiped out most of the population. Don't worry though, you've got some delightful western-electronic jams to get your adventure on. Later in the game you figure out what makes the game mechanics so unique, and it gets pretty emotional. I highly recommend this game for anyone!

I also wanted to try involving some animation in the piece just as an experiment, and came up with this: 

(im pretty happy with how it came out, thank you Sarah Johnson for helping me out! Gif queen!)

And here's some messy bonus process work, yippee! See you in October!