Sunday, August 31, 2014

In the Name of the Moon! (A Sailor Moon Gallery Show)

My illustration bones are getting a little rusty... so it was extremely fortunate I got to work on a piece that got into a Sailor Moon themed show for Hub Comics in Somerville, MA! (up through September 2014!)

(Someone also was nice enough to put up a quick tour of the gallery too, take a peek: )

I had a few different ideas for the show, but after showing the concepts to friends they agreed a star chart would be the most interesting one.

(messy messy messy)

The process ended up getting really involved/experimental too. I ended up redrawing it on tracing paper and transferring it on bristol, which i think ill only do from now on if it will be a traditional piece.

               (spent a lot of time in photoshop measuring out everything. Circles must be perfect!!)

Way more graphic than i usually go, but once i inverted the pencil lines the white pencil look started to really connect with me. Now that i know how to make transparent pencil lines in photoshop, it might be something i practice on future pieces too!

So anywho, After a year of doing very vectored work for animation, it was really nice to get back into something that i could spend more time on and go crazy with detail on. Relaxing from art with art, that's how we do it!!

See ya next month!