Sunday, April 20, 2014

Where have you been for 3 months??

I have no romantic whirlwind stories or tales of adventure. Unless you count my committed relationship to my daytime design job and trips to Boston 5 days a week. Instead I am guilty of being a poor blogger, so get your finger waggling out on me while you can because now I'm going back into this with more motivation than ever!!

So what have I been doing for those past three months??


I worked on this Hanna Barbera inspired piece:

And I've been exercising the 'ol doodler part of the brain...


And, as has been the case since october, working on the fun adventures of space animals on a M-F basis!

The thing that I want to push myself more to do is get some of my flabby editorial illustration muscles moving so I can have something to show you guys real soon! Until then, happy April everyone!!